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har har har

This is happening at right now. FYI. That includes classic SimCity 2000 for $2.39.

This is happening at right now. FYI. That includes classic SimCity 2000 for $2.39.

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Percussions - Sext (TEXT029B)

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Under-the-radar album of the year so far.

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"Dad, what are you listening to?"
“The Afghan Whigs.”
“Is this like classic rock?”
“Fuck off, Stevie.”

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todd terje is a boss

and this is my favorite video i’ve seen in a long time

real shit

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Programming note

I moved to Brooklyn, I started a new job, and I likely just can’t show up here like I used to. If anything, it’ll be during the nighttime hours. We’ll see.


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My go-to lazy meal

Ingredients: rice, avocado, small yellow onion, two cans of beans, one tiny jar of salsa, spices and etc.

Soften the onion in a pot with some oil. A little dark brown on that onion wouldn’t hurt. Add your spices and other flavorful things. Cumin and garlic, at least. Oregano, curry powder, hot sauce, chipotle peppers and so on would all fit in there.

Add the tiny jar of salsa. Drain/rinse the beans, then add them to the pot. Add a tiny bit of water. Cook on low/medium until the beans are falling apart or until the rice is done. Taste the beans regularly, you probably don’t need to add much salt or much else that’s spicy. Keep adding just enough water to make sure the beans don’t dry out.

Cook the rice, too. Follow those directions.

Put rice in bowl. Put beans on top of rice. Put chopped/sliced avocado on top of beans.

Serves two unless both people want a whole avocado to themselves (they do, come on, seriously).

And so are you

And so are you

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The Brooklyn family portrait

The Brooklyn family portrait



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